Armory Calendar to ICS

This tool converts WoW Armory calendar data into a format that you can subscribe to in iCal / Google Calendar / Outlook / etc.

To use it; enter your details below and you will be given a URL you can use. Subscribe to it in your calendaring app, enter your Battle.Net user and pass when prompted (in the app) and you should see your calendar data show up.

You do need to be using a Battle.Net login, your server needs to be listed, and the armory has to be up for it to all work.

Your Character Name:
Your Guild Name:
Your Realm Name:
Your Battle.Net Username:
Your Battle.Net Password:
Your Timezone: (As + or - Hours, i.e. +10)

If you need support, you can email me at, or I'm on twitter as @NearImpossible.

(Please also note, I need to ask for your Battle.Net login details to get the calendar; they are not stored and are passed straight to Battle.Net)

Update! (14 Jan 10) Blizzard have released their own tool; so I won't be updating here anymore. Check out the official FAQ for details.

Update! (16 Nov 09) I've packed it for download;

Update! (24 Apr 09) A couple of things;

  1. I changed things to work nicely with Google Calendar, I didn't realise they didn't support HTTP authentication.
  2. Some realms are missing; I get the data direct from Bliz's status feed, and it seems the ones missing are also the ones that aren't accessible via the armory. Working on this.
  3. Added timezone support
  4. If you want to share your calendar; when you subscribe in Google, make sure you make it public; then go to Calendar Settings and use the Google-provided Calendar Addresses. That way you don't need to share a URL with your password in it.
  5. If you're inclined, feel free to edit the resulting URL - some missing servers may work if you pick some other server, then edit the URL. You can also just edit the URL to change the timezone to match your local time.